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Download Renaissance Learning USB Devices Driver

Download Renaissance Learning USB Devices DriverDriverJan 17, 2014USB

I am unsure whether I should enable 'Automatically get device drivers, apps, and info for new devices' when installing Windows 8 Pro?
What exactly will it do?
If I enable this, will Windows then automatically install software packages/drivers from the manufacturer, like for example the Logitech Setpoint software for their keyboards and mouse and similar software for other devices? I don't want or need that. Or will it behave like in Windows 7?
On my other PC with Windows 7 I see in Windows Update that there are a couple of optional updates, including that Logitech stuff, as well as some driver for a BenQ monitor I have and also nvidia video drivers. This kind of stuff I don't want or need installed automatically as important updates in Windows Update - so I am worried if enabling this automatic driver stuff in Windows 8 is different than Windows 7? Meaning that it will get installed secretly/automatically?
However, it's fine that Windows finds them so I can manually go and check if I want to install any of it.
The key is that the updates are optional in Windows 7, but I have seen a few people complain about Windows 8 installing stuff like video drivers and mouse drivers automatically.

Download Renaissance Learning Usb Devices Drivers

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Download Renaissance Learning Usb Devices Driver Windows 7

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