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Drivers Alps Printers

These models have a very robust chassis and are not as prone to breakage as the later MD-1xxx and MD-5xxx models. They handle CMYK and can do white, metallic, and other colours with requisite cassette re-labeling as needed (see References at bottom of page for detailed printer specifications).

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These models are definitely recommended for users worried about robustness.

Interestingly, they have far more LEDs for status and error warning than later models. There are LEDs for individual cassette check, media type, and media selection button, so there are definite advantages for users who can use parallel cables or SCSI converters without bi-directional support but still obtain information about the cassette state.

Alps Printer Driver on this page to download the latest version of ALPS MD-5000 drivers,Alps MD5000 driver fow win7 system, Alps MD5500 driver,Alps MD1000 driver,Alps MD1300 driver,Alps mac driver download. All drivers available for download have been scanned by antivirus program. Download Alps printer drivers or install DriverPack Solution software for driver scan and update.

The 'S' suffix models (MD-2000S, MD-2010S, MD-2300S, MD-4000S) indicate SCSI interface, and are intended for Macintosh, but they will work fine on linux too, using the linux ALPS driver (which is the same for all the ALPS printers and supports spot color printing).

The driver required is v6.43 (Japanese users can use v6.46 but this is not available in English) for MacOS7, MacOS8, MacOS9.

There is no Windows SCSI driver, and I have not found any information on using SCSI-to-USB adapter cables with the ALPS.

However, it is possible, using SheepShearer or Basilisk, to install PowerPC MacOSX 7, 8, 9 on a Windows or linux machine with a SCSI card, and thereby install the v6.43 (or v6.46) driver and use it from inside the PowerPC virtual machine.


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  • MD-2000: 25000 JPY
  • MD-2010: 25000 JPY
  • MD-2300: 25000 JPY
  • MD-4000: 35000 JPY
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We purposely do not stock large quantities. Please contact us if you are interested in more printers. Restocking takes approximately three business days.


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Currently available ALPS MD printers of the following models (SCSI port 'S', parallel-port 'J' models):

Drivers Alps Printers Reviews

  • MD-2000: 3 x MD-2000J, 3 x MD-2000S
  • MD-2010: out of stock
  • MD-2300: out of stock
  • MD-4000: 1 x MD-4000J