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Drivers MicroTouch(tm) USB Touch Screen Controller

  1. Usb Touch Screen Controller
  2. Drivers Microtouch(tm) Usb Touch Screen Controller Mouse
  3. Drivers MicroTouch(tm) USB Touch Screen Controller
  4. Drivers Microtouch(tm) Usb Touch Screen Controller Gamepad
In an effort to create a more unified support experience, we have moved support of our Knowledgebase to Rockwell Automation Tech Support.

If you would like to speak with one of our engineers, please Submit a Question or give us a call at the phone number here. In North America, To route your phone support request directly to a technical support engineer, call toll free 1-888-382-1583 or 1-440-646-3434, select Option 3 (Technical Support), then select Option 5 (More Options). When prompted, enter the ThinManager Direct Dial Code 201.

ThinManager supports a large number of touch screens. They are easily added on the Module page of the Terminal Configuration Wizard.

Configuration in ThinManager

Download driver software from the Soft32 website. Find software to improve your computers functionality including drivers for windows. MicroTouch(tm) USB Touch. AR1100 RESISTIVE USB AND RS-232 TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER 2.0 IMPLEMENTATION – QUICK START The AR1100 is designed to be a fully-functioning touch controller on power-up – no configuration is necessary and only minimal hardware support is needed to create a universal controller board (refer to simplified schematic). View and Download 3M Touch Screen Controller RX181 reference manual online. Formerly SC800 USB Resistive. Touch Screen Controller RX181 controller pdf manual download. Also for: Sc800 usb resistive, Touch screen controller rx141, Microtouch rx181.


Attach Module to Terminal Window and the Module Selection Page

Once the proper touch screen module is added you can configure the parameters of the touch screen.

Module Properties Page

The configurable parameters include the Monitor Number for MultiMonitor thin clients, Right Click Hold Time to give the touch screen the right click function, and/or the Calibration Hot Key, and Calibration Hotkey assignment, among others.

Touch Screen Controller

The module needs to match the make of the touch screen controller, not the brand name of the monitor. The make of the monitor is incidental.

Usb Touch Screen Controller

USB Touch Screens

Usb touch screen controller

Touch screen monitors that use USB to connect to the terminal should use the USB Touch Driver.

Touch Screen Modules

These are the current modules for serial touch screen controllers:

Drivers Microtouch(tm) Usb Touch Screen Controller Mouse

  • Arista ARP-16XXXAP-ACP Touch Screen Driver
  • CarrollTouch Touch Screen Driver
  • Contec Touch Screen Driver
  • DMC TSC Series Touch Screen Driver
  • DMC Touch Screen Driver
  • Dynapro Touch Screen Driver
  • eGalax Touch Screen Driver
  • Elographics Touch Screen Driver
  • Gunze AHL Touch Screen Driver
  • Hampshire TSHARC Touch Screen Driver
  • MicroTouch Touch Screen Driver
  • Panjit TouchSet Touch Screen Driver
  • PenMount Touch Screen Driver
  • Ronics Touch Screen Driver
  • Touch Control Touch Screen Driver
  • Touch International IR Touch Screen Driver
  • Xycom 33XX Touch Screen Driver
  • Zytronic Touch Screen Driver


The calibration program can be initiated on the terminal by highlighting the terminal in the ThinManager tree and selecting Tools > Calibrate Touch Screen on the ThinManager menu.

Calibration Tools in the Module Property Window

The Touch Screen Module can be configured so that holding a touch for a number of seconds will initiate the calibration program. Use the Calibration Touch Down Time (seconds) parameter.
The touch calibration can be initiated with a hot key if the Calibration Hotkey parameter is configured in the module.
The Calibration program can be run from the Start menu of a desktop by selecting Start > All Programs > ACP > CalTouchScreen.
The TermMon ActiveX control can be configured to initiate the calibration program from within an application.

Drivers MicroTouch(tm) USB Touch Screen Controller

Note: Allen-Bradley touch screens use the PenMount touch screen controller in early models but are changed to the PanJit touch controller in later versions of the same series. If a new monitor doesn’t behave properly with the PenMount driver try using the PanJit driver.

Drivers Microtouch(tm) Usb Touch Screen Controller Gamepad

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