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Drivers VEO Cameras

Category: Camera
Manufacturer: Xirlink , Inc.
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: Not Indicated
Operating System: Windows 98, XP, 2000 and ME
Latest Version / Release Date: Not Indicated / Not indicated

Windows device driver information for Veo Advanced Web Camera with Audio

The Veo Advanced Web Camera with Audio is small, easy to use and can be mounted on either CRT of LCD monitors. On purchase, the manufacturer usually provides the user with the installation CD, which contains the device drivers. The same can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. When downloading the drivers however, one should ensure that he/she has found the latest version. The next step involves extracting the driver files from the zipped folder and then connecting the web camera to the host machine. In most cases, connecting the web camera for the first time to a machine prompts an automatic response by the system. The system launches the new hardware installation wizard and all one have to do is follow the command prompts. After restarting the computer, one can then use some of the advanced qualities of the camera like taking snap shots, recording videos and recording audio clips.


Outdated Drivers?


I3 Software License. By installing, copying or using the 'i3 software': SRX-Pro Server, SRX-Pro Remote, SRX-Pro Mobile Remote, Video Pilot Client (VPC), Video Pilot Matrix (VPM), Video Pilot Matrix Console (VPMC), Artificial Intelligence (i3 Ai), Video Analytics (iVA), including associated media, Cloud Managed Services (CMS), PACDM, LPR, Business Insights, Alert Centre, i3DM, Annexxus Finder. Need driver for older Veo Webcam. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. Mark12345 Registered. Joined Jul 30, 2010 3.

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

  • Right click Start button to access Device Manager, locate Webcam device (if necessary from View tab Show Hidden Devices), on Driver tab see if Roll Back is available, if not try Update Driver, first automatically, then Browse, then Let Me Pick to try all previously installed Drivers.
  • USB 10x64 Camera Driver for Windows 10 (x64) Driver Info Driver Date File Size: 14.66 KB Download URL.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates


Veo Cameras Software

The Veo mobile/advanced Web Camera drivers are important for the proper functioning of the camera on the host machine. The web camera supports AVI, WMV and JPEG formats. It I s easy to focus since it has a 360 degree swivel base. It also has an adjustable focus and a quick-touch snap button. It operates on a CMOS sensor, which has 640 x 480 VGA resolutions, which portrays 24-bit true color. In both video and still images, resolutions include 320 x 240 and 160 x 120. In addition to working under windows 98, 200, XP and ME, the web camera can operate in system with processors as low as 300 MHz. However, the system should have at least 200 MB of disk space and 32 megabytes RAM. Since the device is connected via the USB, the host machine should have an idle USB port. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for Windows and Veo Advanced Web Camera with Audio errors before installing any driver updates.

USB Video Class

With the advent of the USB Video Class standard, many of the newer cameras can run on any computer with a compatible operating system. Windows XP, service pack 2, Mac OS 10.4.9, and, I am told, some versions of Linx, any camera that is USB Video Class certified will work. You may find some limitations, such as Logitech's Right Light2 or auto focusing features may not function, but the cameras should work. See the little Apple icons on my camera review index page for USB Video Class camera models.

For other cameras....

Webcam drivers are very specific to individual camera brands and models. A few manufactures tend to use the same driver for all their cameras, or at least for similar models. Actually each model has different drivers but these manufactures bundle all their cameras into a single instal file so it appears that it is the same driver. In many cases, Windows may actually have built in drivers for many devices which were in production at the time the operating system version was released. There is no such thing as a generic webcam driver which will work for any camera.

Drivers Veo Cameras Online

Good news though, many of the newer cameras that are listed as UVC (Universal Video Class) compatible will work with any newer operating system including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac 10.4.9, however, some features of the cameras may not be available without the correct manufacture's drivers.

Veo Cameras Software Download

The following links were functional when the link was posted. Let me know if any don't work.
  • Creative drivers can be found on the Creative website. Select Support, then under the download option, chose your region. Creative has set up a special site for software updates and added features for their newer cameras at
  • Intel is still making the divers for their cameras available from their website even though it has been several years since they discontinued the hardware. Click on Support & Downloads, then Browse by Product, and look for PC Cameras. There is also a newer driver available through Windows update, if the camera is in your computer and functional, Windows Update will find it and offer the update through the hardware area.
  • Logitech drivers can be found on the Logitech web site. Click on Support + Downloads at the top of the page. Chose Downloads. On the right search by Image and chose webcams and click View All Products. If your camera is not in the list, look at the upper right (above the Orbit MP as of Aug. 2007) and click on 'Still can't find your Product?' You should find drivers for older cameras there.
  • Microsoft camera drivers can be found here
    Don't even bother trying to locate them from Microsoft's main website. There are no links and using Microsoft's search won't find them.
  • Phillips complicated to get to. Start here, then click on PC Products, Select Webcams, find your webcam and click on the link above the listing. On the right, click on Product Support, then on the left you should see a link for Software & Drivers
  • Veo appears to have gone out of busyness. While their domain name is good through 2009, their website no longer exists. However, I was able to install the Advanced Connect by using the Windows Update option of the new hardware found dialogue. It may take a few minutes but it does seem to work. I havn't tried the Velocity Connect and I no longer have the Mobile Connect cameras, but I expect they should work too.
  • Mac users can find a special software interface that should make most webcams work on your OS-X system from macam. Also UVC compatable cameras should work with newer Mac's. (Notice: I do not own a Mac so have not been able to test this software)
With other cameras, especially generic or old models, it is EXTREMELY important to keep track of the driver disks that come with the camera. It is unlikely you will be able find drivers for other brands or old models after the cameras are discontinued.

If all else fails you might try Driver You have to join up but it is free and they have drivers for just about any kind of hardware.

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