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Drivers Vtion Modems

If your internet has begun to act up or not seem to work as well as it once did, you will naturally be looking for a cause. Before you begin browsing the latest Spectrum compatible modems, you need to ask yourself: when was the last time that you updated your modem’s drivers?

Drivers Vtion Modems

FieldScout TDR 350 and 150, WatchDog Retriever and Pups, and DataScout modems. Click this link to go to the Firmware Update page. Software Installation Packages. Many software packages from Spectrum Technologies can now be downloaded from our website. Some products, such as SpecWare, require activation before they can be used. Qualcomm 9205 LTE Modem. The Qualcomm® 9205 LTE modem is our next-generation global multi-mode single chipset connectivity solution and purpose-built to support reliable, optimized cellular connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as asset trackers, health monitors, security systems, smart city sensors and smart meters, as well as a range of wearable trackers.

Modem drivers are essential in allowing the operatingsystem to work properly and, just as technology continually changes, you needto be sure that your modem’s drivers are keeping up with the times. Here’s howyou can update your modem drivers in Windows 10.

Whatis a Driver?

Let’s take a quick look at what a modem driver is. Amodem works by gathering data from your system and transmitting the data overtelephone lines, fiber optic cables, or cable lines in order to deliver thedata to another modem.

The driver itself is a piece of code that tells thedata transfer to happen. The information is coded in between modems and unencryptedat the receiving modem.

WhyUpdate Drivers?

Drivers need to be kept updated because of how much and how quickly technology changes. Drivers can include updates that correct any mishaps in code previously written, as well as helping keep your network safe from any new threats that could be headed your way. Updating your driver allows it to take in new information about any threats or malware that could be headed your way.

Drivers vtion modems reviews

Updatingyour Modem Driver

In order to update your modem driver in Windows 10, tomake sure that is using the latest technology, you need to do the following:

Drivers Vtion Modems Compatible

  1. Click on the Start button on the lowerleft-hand corner.
  2. Scroll down to Settings and click on it.
  3. Under settings, go to the Devices link.
  4. Here you should see Phone/Modem options.
  5. Select your modem and then the Drivertab.
  6. Click on Update Driver Software
  7. There should then be an update wizard tohelp walk you through the full updating process.

Alternatively, if you want to be certain that yourmodem has received all of its driver updates, you can go to the modem’s websiteand see what the latest update was and whether you already have it. You shouldalso reboot the computer in order to make sure the new driver has succeeded.


Once in a while, a modem driver might not be workingwell itself. If you downloaded a new driver, recently updated your operatingsystem, or if your driver isn’t working with new software provided by your ISP,then you might need to review your modem driver.

In the case that you just downloaded a new driver andit is not working correctly, the driver might have been corrupted or damagedduring the download, but it could also be an indication of malware on yourcomputer. In any of these cases, the safest course of action is to re-installthe modem driver. You can do that by following the steps that we listed outabove.

When all else fails, it is time to contact themanufacturer for your modem and do some troubleshooting with their customer serviceas well. They should be able to walk through it with you and figure out what isreally going on.

VISIONTEK 81GC is a highly flexible GSM modem for easy integration with RS-232 and audio* interface.

VISIONTEK 81GC is a highly flexible GSM modem for easy integration with RS-232 and audio* interface. It is equipped with features of circuit switched data, SMS and GPRS (Class 10).

VISIONTEK 81GC is a perfect solution to use with SMS gateways, access internet while on the move and corporate communications (GPRS, Data transfer even in remote location). With aesthetic and sleek design in plastic this modem is best suited for commercial applications.

Application Areas

Drivers Vtion Modems Vs

  • C&F Agents
  • Corporate's with multi-location presence
  • Jewelers
  • Share brokers
  • Transportation
  • IT Industry
  • Network solution providers
  • Vehicle tracking applications
  • Bulk SMS solutions
  • Point to point data communication
  • Point to IP data communication
  • POS Terminals
  • Information Kiosks
  • Web Browsing

Drivers Vtion Modems Reviews


Drivers Vtion Modems
  • Quad*/Tri band 850*/1800/1900 MHz GSM
  • Data, SMS (Text & PDU), Fax, Voice and GPRS (Class 10)
  • DC input voltage ) - Comes with AC External Adaptor
  • Fully compliant with ETSI, GSM Phase 2+ specifications
  • Low power consumption
  • AT Commands
  • 1.8V and 3V SIM Interface
  • RS-232 interface (9 PIN 'D' type female)
  • * TCP/IP Stack


ModuleTri band GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Quad band GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 Mhz
ModuleTri band GSM 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
Quad band GSM 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 Mhz
Output PowerClass 4 (2W for GSM 900)
Class 1 (1W for GSM 1800)
SIM (RUIM) InterfaceExternal SIM 1.8V & 3V
SMSSupports Text and PDU mode
DataData circuit Asynchronous and non transparent upto 14.4 kbps
GPRS Packet Data FeatureClass 10; Coding Scheme CS1 to CS4;
AT Commands InterfaceGSM 07.05 and 07.07
Connectors RS-232 Serial Port
SIM Card Holder
DC Power socket
SMA Antenna connector
Power Adaptor7.2V DC 1.5A
EnclosureABS Plastic
MountingTable Top
LED IndicationsPower ON, Network
Operating Temp -10°C ~ +50°C
Dimensions (mm x mm x mm)100 L x 70 W x 37H
AntennaSMA Rubber / WHIP Antenna
indicates optional feature

Drivers Vtion Modems Wireless

1.0Standard Features
1.1Module900/1800MHz Tri-band,
Class 10 GPRS GSM Module
1.2SIM Interface1.8V and 3V
1.4Accessories7.5V, 1.5 A external plug-in power adaptor operating on 230V AC
Standard PC cable (1 Meter)
1.5User InterfacePower & Network LED
DC Power Socket
SMA Antenna Connector
RS232 D-sub connector
SIM card holder (Tray)
RJ10 socket
1.6Input Voltage7.5V DC
1.7Dimensions (mm)100 x 70 x 37 (L x W x H) w/o Antenna and connectors
1.8Weight146 Grams (Without Antenna & Packin
1.10PackagingCorrugated Mailer Box
2.0Optional Features
2.1Ext. Antenna2.5db Standard GSM SMA Rubber Antenna
5db Magnetic Whip Antenna with 3-Meter cable
5db Magnetic Whip Antenna with 5-Meter cable
7db Magnetic Whip Antenna with 5-Meter cable
12db Yagi Antenna with 10-Meter cable
2.2CableCustomized Cable for connecting the external devices as per the requirement
PCD-000006-P-81GC-Rev.1.2Note : Any Customization is subject to Business Approval