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GPS Logger B Drivers Download For Windows 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP

  1. Gps Logger B Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp Installer
  2. Gps Logger B Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp 32-bit
Gps logger b drivers download for windows 10 8.1 7 vista xp installer
Logger32 is a comprehensive and reliable application built to be a general purpose amateur radio logbook. The application provides users with computer control support for many radios and antenna rotators.
It is not a contesting log, although there is no real reason why it could not be used for such use, and does not contain some features that might be found in software specifically designed for this activity.
· Compatible with early and current ADIF specifications
· Logbook Page Window and Previous QSOs Window can each have up to 47 columns, all user configurable, including IOTA, Grid squares, satellite names, ten-ten etc.
· Logbook, Previous QSO, and Worked/Confirmed windows can have the columns presented in any order
· Worked/Confirmed Table can display information in either of two ways
· Seven user-definable log entry page items
· Logs more than 1.5M QSOs
· All Country, County, and IOTA databases are fully editable
· Displays sunrise/sunset, short path distance, long and short path beam headings, and local time for the distant end
· Comprehensive statistics tables for Awards and QSLs.
· Real time satellite tracking using Keps from a local file or collected from a favored web site
· Grayline display with selectable terminator
· DX spot tables with input from packet or telnet sources (or both at once)
· User-definable worked/confirmed color scheme on incoming spots.
· Support for many radios including a debug window
· User-selectable frequency display in KHz or MHz down to 1 Hz resolution.
· User-selectable date and time format
· CDROM support
· Support for the use of and GoList via the Internet
· A facility to synchronize your computer's clock to an atomic standard
· All windows fully re-sizeable and features to retrieve lost windows when screen resolution is modified.
· Supports multiple .INI files for different set-ups (normal, contest, etc.)
· Fully configurable fonts, background, and foreground colors
· Auto log-on scripts for telnet and cluster access
· Definable telnet and cluster shortcuts and scripts
· Personalize you own bandplan
· Prefix statistics available on screen for up to 50 bands and 48 modes
· Previously worked callsigns automatically appear under the callsign entry window (Callsign preview)
· The Logbook, Previously Worked, Spots and Stats tables all have variable width columns
· Support for a parallel port antenna selector that can operate automatically with your bandplan
· Log page can be sorted on QSO#, Callsign, Prefix, Frequency, Band, Mode, CQZ, DXCC, Grid Square, IOTA, State, Continent, and ITUZ.
· Logs can be output in either ADIF, UQF, or CSV format.
· Supports both multiple user (One log for the family or Club station) and multiple logs (one for the main, one for contesting, etc.)
· User-selectable fields to copy from previous QSO details to a new logbook entry
· Logbook percentage full indicator
· Grid Square Calculator
· Support for eQSL and Logbook of The World (LoTW)
· Functional information buttons in the Logbook Entry Window
· Export QSOs flagged for QSLing
· QSLs waiting to be sent are highlighted in the log.
· Send DX spots to a VHF cluster or Telnet
Gps logger b drivers download for windows 10 8.1 7 vista xp 64-bit

Gps Logger B Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp Installer


The u-center GNSS evaluation software for automotive, mobile terminal and infrastructure applications provides a powerful tool for evaluation, performance analysis and configuration of u‑blox GNSS receivers.

Gps Logger B Drivers Download For Windows 10 8.1 7 Vista Xp 32-bit

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