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Philog Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver

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Centre of excellence 'System'Centre of excellence 'IT application'WHQL CertificationSoftware solutionsMigration of technical applications

Centre of excellence 'System'

Why you will choose Philog ...

  • Our 'zero defects' culture leading to a high software reliability,
  • Our focus on optimization: faster performance, lower memory requirements,
  • Our knowledge database, improved with each project,
  • Our ability to intervene with efficiency on the most recent systems as well as older ones and make them work together.

Our main areas of intervention:

Renowned expert in the development of drivers, Philog works on Windows, Mac, Linux and all RTOS.

Philog develops software for targeted cards with microcontrollers as well as more complex software (telecommunication stack, drivers…) for targets on ARM or PPC-type processor.Philog has also developed many applications under iOS, Windows Embedded (BSP, drivers), Windows Mobile and Windows Phone operating systems.

Using standard protocols such as TCP, USB, CAN, etc. or specific ones, Philog applies its quality of development in the most adaptive language.

Centre of excellence 'System'Centre of excellence 'IT application' WHQL CertificationSoftware solutionsMigration of technical applications

Centre of excellence 'IT application'

Audit, software optimization, compatibility control, … Philog has been taking part in numerous projects since its creation.One constant: a requirement for quality through all the steps of the process.

Why you will choose Philog …

  • The perfect mastery of numerous technological fields,
  • The quality of our developments, from design to validation,
  • Rigor in the process, which leads to significant gains both in terms of cost and time (less maintenance, greater deployment speed...).

Our main areas of intervention:

Thanks to the capitalization of knowledge, the constant technology intelligence and internal R&D projects, Philog is able to design and develop the software components that you need in order to give the full measure of your expertise.

Philog engineers perfectly master the databases access techniques (MySQL, Oracle, etc.) in order to design software components requiring efficient access to databases.

Philog develops highly specialized applications requiring a deep mastery of web technologies such as Ajax, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Philog has a wide experience of the use of market components enabling rapid and efficient developments: STL, Boost, QT, etc.

Philog is familiar with the main mechanisms enabling the transmission of messages between remote objects such as SOAP, XML-RPC, CORBA, Java RMI.
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Centre of excellence 'System'Centre of excellence 'IT application' WHQL Certification Software solutionsMigration of technical applications

WHQL Certification

Philog is the only French company which offers a help desk for the certification of its customers' Windows peripherals.

What are the details of this service?

  • Philog takes in charge the full range of tests required for the certification of your devices and provides the certification packages,
  • You only have to return the packages to Microsoft and wait for the verdict,
  • You won valuable time.

What happens if the tests are incompatible with the certification?

Philog offers to analyze the causes:
  • A diagnosis made by a consulting engineer,
  • A service for the correction of the observed dysfunctions.
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Philog Mobile Phones & Portable Devices DriverIf you have questions about WHQL certification, ask to be recalled by our expert.Centre of excellence 'System'Centre of excellence 'IT application'WHQL Certification Software solutions Migration of technical applications

Software solutions

What is the point of experience if you do not use it? With this simple observation, Philog has capitalized on its expertise of over 30 years and offers fully portable, adaptable and reusable software.


Major mobile phone manufacturers and defence/security industrials trust Philog and now prefer our solutions to their own native drivers.And you?


Used for more than 25 years in critical areas such as energy distribution, Philog stacks can be reused without modification in most of the operating systems of the market.
  • Our USB stack,amongst other things, allows old operating systems that do not recognize the USB to have access to the management of the USB bus. Totally portable, it can be adapted to different platforms and supports four USB communication modes (Bulk, Isochronous, Interrupt and Control).Click here to learn more,
  • Our X25, TRANSPORT & SESSION stacks meet ISO and ITU recommendations and materialize Philog's recognized expertise in development of communication protocols.Click here for more information.


Capitalizing on its expertise in system development, Philog has developed a workstation security solution that allows access to the DVD / CDROM drive and USB device connections.
The solution is suitable for remote administration as well as local use to prevent attacks such as PoisonTap - or any other vulnerability exploiting the automatic installation of class drivers for USB devices - without penalizing the user of the workstation.
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In direct connection with its activity of development of Windows drivers, span>Philog developed a command-line application which enables to preinstall a driver and especially to uninstall it by carrying out the maximum cleaning (in particular at the level of the registry keys).
This utility software allows us to offer services of development of graphical installation software for your Windows drivers in record time and proven robustness. Installers are based on InstallShield® or InstallBuilder®.

Centre of excellence 'System'Centre of excellence 'IT application'WHQL CertificationSoftware solutions Migration of technical applications

Migration of technical applications

The experience gained by developing fully portable communication stacks (TCP-IP, X25, USB) has been capitalized by Philog experts whose detailed analysis of the Windows, Linux and other operating systems (VRTX, RTC, OS9, ...) mechanisms enabled to define a layer of abstraction to access the main functions of these systems: threads, memories, semaphores, events, etc.

This experience enables Philog to offer services of portage of consequent-size software from one environment to another :

  • Portage from old operating systems to Linux or Windows,
  • Portage from Windows to Linux and vice versa.
Philog mobile phones & portable devices drivers


  • The complete rewriting with architecture overhaul of a protocol simulator initially written in Pascal under DOS in C ++ under Windows,
  • The substitution of an RS232 serial link via a USB link without having to modify the executable allowing the manufacturer to run his application on laptops without serial link,
  • The repatriation on a Windows workstation of applications that were previously running on dedicated boards under Linux allowing the manufacturer to offer cheaper solutions,
  • The repatriation on a station running with Linux in XOT (X25 over TCPIP) of software which were executed before on a X25 under DOS telecommunications front end, allowing the manufacturer to face the obsolescence of the X25 cards and the maintenance cost of a frontal.
This type of development is facilitated by our mastery of target OS system components and by our ability to provide layers of abstraction of different OS.

If it is true that, as Philog does, more and more companies master cross-platform frameworks (WxWidget, Qt, Xamarin, .netCore), our excellent knowledge of kernel and low-layer-system developments is often a decisive advantage for applications in industrial environments that are strongly linked to specific equipments.

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Consulting/Training Partners

Based in the UK, Abelon Systems are an embedded systems design consultancy specialising in command and control systems, process control and data acquisition who have been working with CMX RTOS, TCP/IP and FFS products on a variety of platforms since 2005.

We design embedded firmware systems, machine to machine communication protocols, data aggregation and systems integration solutions. Of particular interest are reactive, contextual systems which adapt their behaviour on the basis of user interaction. Our main markets are the Energy, Oil and Gas, Telecoms and Medical Device sectors, but the ubiquitous nature of the technology we use means it can be applied to many other sectors.

Abelon Systems
Phone: +44 131 449 9173
Email: [email protected]

ASAP is a consulting company that completes the firm's R&D office both for critical periods and for specialized activities :

  • feasibility study, specialized technical consulting, HW & SW design
  • strong knowledge of C software programming : quality, portability and easy maintenance increases reliability and reduces project's costs

Moreover we are skilled in industrial networking and user interface :

  • CAN Bus and RS485 electrical standard, industrial protocols as MODBUS, CAL, CANOpen, proprietary communication libraries, remote control
  • Data Collection Terminal and GUI
Via G.Marconi, 62
36016 Thiene (VICENZA)
Phone: +039 0445 - 380591
Email: [email protected]

Bluewind Embedded Systems, founded in 1997 is a design house specialized in the development of electronic products, including hardware, software, mechanical integration and prototyping. With a staff of ten engineers organized in competences and projects groups, Bluewind offers flexibility as a consultancy service, while maintaining a close control over quality and time schedules. Each project is assigned a design leader, responsible for all technical contacts with the client; the R&D Management assures coordination of all activities with respect to milestones and design rules.

All relevant technologies needed for microprocessor based products development are covered by Bluewind experience, in the fields of industrial, automotive, consumer and medical equipment. Examples are the latest video and audio compression strategies for media streaming and architectures of home automation wired or wireless networks and devices.

Bluewind srl.
Borgo Pieve 55/C
I-31033 Castelfranco Veneto (ITALY)
Phone: +39 0423 723431
Fax: +39 0423 744738
Email: mailto:[email protected]

CreateAbility Concepts provides consulting, training and contract services for microcomputer based designs, Internet appliances, and universally accessible interfaces. Our experience ranges from wireless web page presentation of microcomputer signals, to designing custom interfaces to real-world signals. Our location in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and close proximity to major universities and high tech industries fosters the creative environment and capacity required to tackle the toughest design challenges.

CreateAbility Concepts, Inc.
8007 Hillsboro Court, South
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: (970) 391-8843
Fax: (970) 635-0049
Email: [email protected]

With over 17 years experience, let Digital Systems Consulting, Inc help you with your product development needs. DSC can help with training, hardware selection, design, and development.

Digital Systems Consulting, Inc.
18 Inwood Road
Woodbury, CT 06798
Phone: (203) 263-2646
Fax: (203) 263-0588
Email: [email protected]

Embedded Systems Academy provides training and consulting services. Our expertise covers several microcontroller architectures with the corresponding hardware and software development tool chains. In addition we focus on hot topics such as time-to-market improvement and embedded networking applications, for example Controller Area Network (CAN), CANopen and Embedded Internetworking.

Embedded Systems Academy, Inc.Embedded Systems Academy GmbH
50 Airport ParkwayGiesener Str. 14
San Jose, CA 9511031157 Sarstedt
Phone: (877) 812-6393Phone: +49 (05066) 902693
Fax: (408) 249-4473
Email: [email protected]Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.esacademy.comWeb:

First Technology Transfer (FTT) specialises in advanced technical training and consultancy. FTT are Microchip approved training providers and consultants.

FTT has extensive experience delivering advanced real time C/C++ programming courses to organisations such as Nokia, Nato, Siemens (Roke Manor Research), Hitek Power, MISRA and BOC using a variety of compilers, kernels, and microprocessor targets.

FTT's CMX C programming courses and the CMX TCP/IP protocol stack will get you writing well structured code that makes optimal use of these products. FTT also provides:

  • training and consultancy in implementing software for getting PCs, Mobile phones and PDAs to communicate with embedded systems
  • a 'Jump Start' service which involves 'rapid prototyping' of software followed by intensive tailored training and mentoring so that the customer can then 'take over the project' and continue in house enhancement and further development. This is 'TRUE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER'.
First Technology Transfer Ltd.
1-3 Fairlands House, North Street
Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2HW
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 208 669 0769
Email: [email protected]

Indesign is an engineering design services firm that has a proven track record of helping companies design and develop new electronic devices. Our engineering staff has extensive experience in product development in which we can assist you when facing issues such as regulatory compliance, limiting the amount of time to implement a new technology into a device, and even preparing a product design for manufacturing. No matter what issues you may be facing, our engineers will provide the technical support that is needed to get your product ideas to market.

Our engineering disciplines consist of Electrical/Circuit design, Software/Firmware design, Mechanical design, Human Factors design, and Testing/Validation with a strong emphasis on products utilizing embedded microprocessors and DSPs. We also have a proven development process, which lays the groundwork for on-time, within budget, product delivery.

Indesign, LLC
8225 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46216
Phone: (317) 377-5450
Fax: (317) 377-5455
Email: [email protected]

With years of product development success, Infinetix combines many disciplines to create products that meet real-world demands and give our clients a marketing-leading position.

hardware: design in analog, digital, ASIC, FPGA, filters, communications, sensors, displays, input devices, control systems, networking
software: embedded, real-time, device drivers, host processing, GUI, communications, database, networking, internet
digital signal processing: filters, fft, correlation, signal synthesis, feature extraction
platforms: microcontrollers, digital signal processors, workstations, servers, handhelds, RTOS, Windows, Linux, Unix
services: requirements, risk management, design, prototyping, test, manufacturing, deployment, industrial design, mechanical engineering, physics, optics, licensing, patent attorneys
application areas: GHz radio communications and signal processing, gaming systems, medical instrumentation, fracture detection, coatings thickness mesurement, complete electromechanical machine design, data collection and processing, magnetic measurement, robotic control

Infinetix Corporation
2721 North Van Marter #3
Spokane, WA 99206
Phone: (509) 922-5629
Fax: (509) 927-4318
Email: [email protected]

Philog, founded in 1982, is a software services company that is specialized in industrial applications requiring the implementation of networks or communication protocols between equipment.

Its core practices are the design and the implementation of communication software solutions.

The area of competency is real time, embedded, layers and communication protocols computing :

  • Custom-designed industrial applications,
  • Drivers and firmware,
  • Communication protocols (USB, TCP/IP, ISO, X25, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi...),
  • OS : CMX, DOS, Windows 3x 95/98/NT/2000/Nte/Ce, Mac OS, Unix, Linux, RtLinux, VxWorks, Psos, proprietary sequencers,
  • Platforms : PC, MAC, Industrial ones (VME, MultiBus...)

Philog's quality management system is certified according to the ISO 9001 Ed. 2000 standard requirements for the following activities :

Consulting, Contracts' undertaking, Engineering, Design, Development, marketing and maintenance of systems software, networks and telecommunications for industry and services companies.

20 rue Drouot
75009 PARIS
Phone: + 33 (0) 1 53 34 99 99
Fax: + 33 (0) 1 53 34 99 90
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Patrice Le Masson – Director of Sales
Phone: + 33 (0) 1 53 34 99 99
Email: [email protected]

Shawareb Consulting

Shawareb Consulting provides consulting and contract services in firmware / software development and quality assurance. Shawareb Consulting has three years of hands-on experience with the CMX operating system and have successfully designed, developed, and tested software systems in the medical device, wireless, and aerospace / defense fields. Located in Silicon Valley, Shawareb Consulting can work on-site or remotely in a seamless manner.

Adlai Shawareb, M.S., M.E.M.
2797 Park Avenue, Suite 207

Philog Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver

Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: (408) 446-5471
Email: [email protected]

Venture Technologies is a premier electronic product development group, providing comprehensive 'design to delivery' solutions for microprocessor-based products. As a staff of over 40 engineers, Venture brings together hardware, software, mechanical and industrial design teams, enabling complete product design capability. Our experience reaches across many industries, consistently delivering designs that command market attention for our clients.

Venture Technologies, Inc.
85 Rangeway Road, Building 1
North Billerica, MA 01862
Phone: (978) 667-9890
Fax: (978) 671-0114
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Mr. David Earl - Sales Director
Phone: (978) 667-9890 x223
Email: [email protected]

Based on 10 years experience in software development for Embedded Real-time Systems, Willert Software Tools offers following added value to CMX-RTX:

  • CMX-RTX Start-Up Training
  • Project Consultancy
  • Rapid Project Start with CMX-RTX Basic Framework and Getting Started Tutorial
Willert Software Tools GmbH
Herminenstr. 17B
31675 Bückeburg
Voice: +49 (0)5722 9678 60
Fax: +49 (0)5722 9678 80
Email: [email protected]
Software Partners

Based in the UK, Abelon Systems are an embedded systems design consultancy specialising in command and control systems, process control and data acquisition who have been working with CMX RTOS, TCP/IP and FFS products on a variety of platforms since 2005.

We design embedded firmware systems, machine to machine communication protocols, data aggregation and systems integration solutions. Of particular interest are reactive, contextual systems which adapt their behaviour on the basis of user interaction. Our main markets are the Energy, Oil and Gas, Telecoms and Medical Device sectors, but the ubiquitous nature of the technology we use means it can be applied to many other sectors.

Abelon Systems
Phone: +44 131 449 9173
Email: [email protected]

Cypherbridge Systems develops software, server, security, device, and system level products focusing on embedded security solutions with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance.

Cypherbridge Systems
7040 Avenida Encinas #104211
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Voice: +1 (760) 814-1575
Email: [email protected]

pls Development Tools is one of the leading development tools manufacturers of debuggers and emulators specialized for the 32 Bit microcontroller architectures TriCore, Power Architecture Technology, ARM, Cortex and XScale as well for the 16 bit microcontroller architectures C166, ST10, XC166, XC2000 and XE166.

The innovative software architecture of the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) together with the complimentary Universal Access Device (UAD) provides ideal conditions for debugging microcontroller based systems with transfer rates of up to 3.5 MBytes per second and support for multi-core debugging, profiling, MCDS and ETM trace, FLASH programming. Based on the long term and deep experience CMX RTOS is especially supported by UDE.

Your success is our goal, and our team of experienced and highly motivated engineers work hard to enhance the quality of our products and services.

pls Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH
D - 02991 Lauta, Germany
Phone: + 49 (35722) 384 - 0
Fax: + 49 (35722) 384 - 69
pls Development Tools
1250 Oakmead Parkway
Sunnyvale CA, 94085, USA
Phone: +1 (408) 451 - 8408
Fax: +1 (408) 501 - 8808
Toll Free: +1 877 - 77DEBUG
Email: [email protected]

Hardware Partners

Infinetix has been providing reliable, effective networked embedded products for years, including applying CMX-MicroNet in real-time applications.

ethernet daughter card: for TI development kits, with other implementations on request
hardware design: complete or partial design solutions including analog, digital, ASIC, FPGA, filters, communications, sensors, displays, input devices, control systems
platforms: microcontrollers, digital signal processors, workstations, servers, handhelds
services: product design, hardware and software design, consulting

Infinetix Corporation
2721 North Van Marter #3
Spokane, WA 99206
Phone: (509) 922-5629
Fax: (509) 927-4318
Email: [email protected]

PHYTEC develops and manufactures OEMable Single Board Computers and related hardware/software in support of 8051, C500, C166/ST10, X86, TriCore Power Architecture Technology, ARM, CAN and other embedded microcontrollers. In addition to standard products, we offer custom production, including dedicated Evalboard support for Atmel, Infineon Technologies, Philips and Silicon Storage Technologies.

PHYTEC America
The Dockside Building
203 Parfitt Way SW - Suite G100
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Tel (Toll-Free): (800) 278-9913
Tel: (206) 780-9047
Fax: (206) 780-9135
Email: [email protected]

Philog Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Drivers

PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH
Robert-Koch-Str. 39
55129 Mainz
Tel (Toll-Free): (0800) 0 PHYTEC
Tel: +49 (01631) 9221-0
Fax: +49 (01631) 9221-33
Email: [email protected]

Softbaugh provides a variety of tools for MSP430 development, including evaluation systems and software development environments. The following tools support CMX software products:

MSP430 Evaluation Systems

The TCP430 allows you to experiment with internet and webserver applications with the MSP430. CMX has recently ported its CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack to the TCP430, in addition to the CMX-Tiny+ RTOS.

The ES449 features a brilliant new 3v LCD tailored for low-power applications with the MSP430. CMX has recently ported its CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack and CMX-Tiny+ RTOS to this exciting evaluation system.

SoftBaugh, Inc.
4080 McGinnis Ferry Road
Suite 604
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Voice (Toll-Free): (800) 794-5756
Voice: (770) 772-8111
Fax: (770) 772-9030
Email: [email protected]