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Usb Compliance Cameras

Usb compliance cameras systems

USB On-The-Go and Embedded Host Automated Compliance Plan July 27, 2012 Version 1.2 6 1 Introduction 1.1 USB On-The-Go and Embedded Hosts USB has become a popular interface for exchanging data between a host PC and its peripherals. As computing resources have become less expensive, the line between PCs and other products has blurred.

Usb Compliance Cameras Systems

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Usb Compliance Cameras
Product codeResolution (max)FPS (max)FormatSensorTriggerI/OsTypeShutter
DFK 33UX287720×540(0.4MP)5391/2.9 inchIMX287LQRCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UP13001,280×1,024(1.3MP)2101/2 inchPYTHON 1300CMOS Pythonglobal
DFK 33UX2731,440×1,080(1.6MP)2381/2.9 inchIMX273LQRCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UX2901,920×1,080(2.1MP)1431/2.8 inchIMX290LQRCMOS STARVISrolling
DFK 33UX1741,920×1,200(2.3MP)1621/1.2 inchIMX174LQJCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UX2491,920×1,200(2.3MP)481/1.2 inchIMX249LQJCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UP20001,920×1,200(2.3MP)1292/3 inchPYTHON 2000CMOS Pythonglobal
DFK 33UX2522,048×1,536(3.1MP)1201/1.8 inchIMX252LQRCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UX2652,048×1,536(3.1MP)601/1.8 inchIMX265LQRCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UX2502,448×2,048(5MP)752/3 inchIMX250LQRCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UP50002,592×2,048(5.3MP)601 inchPYTHON 5000CMOS Pythonglobal
DFK 33UX1783,072×2,048(6.3MP)601/1.8 inchIMX178LQJCMOS STARVISrolling
DFK 33UX2642,448×2,048(5MP)382/3 inchIMX264LQRCMOS Pregiusglobal
DFK 33UJ0033,856×2,764(10.7MP)141/2.3 inchMT9J003CMOSrolling
DFK 33UX2264,000×3,000(12MP)301/1.7 inchIMX226CQJCMOS STARVISrolling
DFK 33UX1835,472×3,648(20MP)181 inchIMX183CQJCMOS Exmorrolling
Subject to change.
Usb compliance

Usb Compliance Cameras Wireless

  • See3CAMCU55 is a 5.0MP USB3.1 Gen1 UVC Color Camera with S-mount (also known as M12 board lens) lens holder. It is a two-board solution containing camera sensor board based on 1/2.5' AR0521 image sensor from ON Semiconductor and USB3.1 Gen 1 Interface board.
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