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UW Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

Some examples of laptops you may consider. Any model of recent vintage: Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Yoga, Dell Latitude, Dell Precision, HP EliteBook, etc. Dell has created a special page specifically for ECE students. Select the operating system of your choice (with a strong preference for Windows, native or dual-boot/VM - see above). Laptops & Tablets Available for Checkout. SPRING 2020 - Installing software on Library computers. Students who have one of the Library laptops and need software to complete their coursework should contact [email protected]

  • UW-Eau Claire Discount Packages Dell. UW-Eau Claire has negotiated educational pricing on Dell computers for faculty/staff/student personal purchases. Special pricing on Dell products. HP is also an affordable windows-based laptop option. Currently, UW-Eau Claire does not partner with HP to offer a discount. HP Laptop Store.
  • Overview Stolen laptops are a common cause of unauthorized disclosure and loss of data at universities. If your laptop is lost or stolen, resulting in a breach of personal information, Washington state law (RCW 42.56.590) requires notification within 30 days to anyone impacted by the breach.

Student Info

EE graduate and undergraduate students are required to own a personal laptop for their studies.

Hardware - Laptop


Note: This should be an actual laptop, as a tablet or Chromebook will not be sufficient for your EE studies.

  1. A 64 bit version of Windows, Linux, or Mac OS.
  2. A 64 bit dual core processor from AMD or Intel
  3. 4 Gigabytes of RAM with capacity to upgrade
  4. 12 inch or larger screen with resolution of 1366x768 or higher
  5. NVidia, AMD, or Intel integrated graphics processor
  6. USB 2.0 ports
  7. Built-in or add-on 100 Mbit wired Ethernet
  8. Hard disk with 256 Gigabyte capacity


  1. A 64 bit version of Windows 10: Most software you will use in your studies runs on Windows, followed by a large number of Linux tools. If you choose a Mac, you will need to dual boot or host a virtual machine on your laptop for some classes. Some students find the extra complexity cumbersome.
  2. Core i7 processor, or AMD Ryzen
  3. 8 Gigabytes of RAM or more
  4. 12 inch or larger screen with resolution of 1366x768 or higher
  5. Discrete NVidia graphics processor, or NVidia or AMD integrated graphics processor
  6. USB 3.0 ports
  7. Integrated 1,000 Mbit wired Ethernet
  8. Solid State Disk (SSD) with 512 Gigabyte capacity or higher

A resistive touch screen and stylus for taking notes or making drawings is a nice-to-have, but not necessary.

Some examples of laptops you may consider

Any model of recent vintage: Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Yoga, Dell Latitude, Dell Precision, HP EliteBook, etc.

Dell has created a special page specifically for ECE students.


  1. Select the operating system of your choice (with a strong preference for Windows, native or dual-boot/VM - see above). Certain applications may require a specific operating system. Matlab for example will run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Red Hat or Ubuntu Linux, but certain other packages will only run on Windows.
  2. UW students can get a number of free Microsoft software through the EE Dreamspark program. See here:
  3. Many other vendors provide low-cost software through UW Uware; see here:

If you have any questions, come talk to one of thedepartmental computing staff

In a school of 40,000, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, but Badgers have a knack for individuating themselves.

One of the ways Badgers show off their uniqueness is their laptop stickers. Students at UW adorn their laptops with a wide variety of stickers — from bands logos and movie quotes to puns and political statements.

You can tell a lot about a student from these sticker choices. See what you can glean from these 15 student laptops that are brimming with originality.

Senior Maggie Heinemann, who is majoring in mechanical engineering, says she reserves her laptop for only her very best stickers. The first sticker that she got is the one that says “run happy” from Brooks, which she received along with some unicorn tattoos by writing them a letter asking for stickers. Another one of her favorites is the picture of her dad from when he ran for Village President in Waunakee.

“Well I have this pizza sticker on it because I like eating a lot,” Heinemann says. “There’s a picture of my dad on it because I also like my dad a lot. I have a lot of stickers of running stuff and biking, and then I have Bucky Badger because I go here.”

Senior Maggie Heinemann’s laptop stickers Emily Hamer

UW sophomore Lena Stojiljkovic, a music major, says her laptop gives her the opportunity to express parts of herself and her culture, but that’s not the best part of her laptop.

“Although I love representing my culture and my favorite bands, by far my favorite sticker is the one with Kevin [from the Office] with the chili,” Stojiljkovic says.

Like Stojiljkovic, Amelia Moore, a sophomore majoring in political science and psychology, says her laptop describes who she is as a person.

“I really like the stickers that I pick because I feel like they describe me as a person and what I like,” Moore says.

Sophomore Amelia Moore’s laptop Emily Hamer

UW freshman Eva Hyndiuk says her stickers are important to her because they are “aesthetically pleasing.”

“I was in a bee parade which is why I did this, ‘save the bees,'” Hyndiuk says. “And, obviously Bucky Badger because Wisconsin.”

Uw Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 7

Daniel Winogradoff, a junior studying journalism and creative writing, has everything from a Kanye West album cover to the WSUM radio logo to a bee on his laptop.

“My laptop covering would be kind of boring without them, but it also just like expresses my interests and who I am as a person,” Winogradoff says.

Junior Daniel Winogradoff’s laptop Emily Hamer

UW student Yeonseo Jeong says her favorite sticker is one that says “I don’t care for your casual misogyny” because it sends people a message.

“That’s what I want to say to people who don’t know what feminism is, and say stuff like ‘feminism is woman over man,'” Jeong says. “That’s just my message for people like that.”

Sophia Degeuzman, a sophomore majoring in political science, says she likes it when people can relate to her stickers.

“I like having stickers because I think they’re good conversation starters,” Degeuzman says.

Sophomore Sophia Degeuzman’s laptop Emily Hamer

Erin Hepp, a UW sophomore majoring in cartography geographic information systems, says she also likes the conversations that are started because of her stickers.

“I think my favorite sticker is the ‘porn is lame’ because it facilitates conversation that people obviously wouldn’t feel comfortable about otherwise,” Hepp says.

UW sophomore Noah Wlotarski, a neurobiology major, is from the Milwaukee area and has a sticker from the BelAir Cantina restaurant in Milwaukee, a restaurant that just opened a new location in Madison.

“I like tacos,” Wlotarski says. “So, BelAir is pretty sweet.”

Sophomore Noah Wlotarski’s laptop Emily Hamer

Carolyn Mahn, a senior studying biological systems engineering, says she’s proud of being from Wisconsin and the Milwaukee area, so a lot of her stickers center around that.

“The Great Lakes sticker is pretty basic, but I love it because water is the lifeblood,” Mahn says. “BelAir Milwaukee — the original BelAir, not this Madison one. And ‘I like milk,’ which is true, but also I’m kind of lactose intolerant. But it’s fine.”

Frederick Seidel, a senior majoring in environmental student and economics, also has calls to his home in his stickers. He says his stickers represent his home, the company that one of his friends started and then things he’s generally interested in.

“Smokey the Bear — that’s probably just because I have taken a bunch of environmental studies classes and, you know, you just gotta prevent wildfires,” Seidel says.

Senior Frederick Seidel’s laptop Emily Hamer

For Hannah Stetz, a UW sophomore studying special education, her religious sticker is one of her favorites.

“I like the sticker of Our Lady of Guadalupe,” Stetz says. “I just think it’s really cool because it’s really famous [and] to see it as a sticker is cool.”

Nicole Shields, who is majoring in journalism with certificates in graphic design and French, says her stickers are representative of things that she likes to do or has done in the past.

“I like ‘life is good’ in general, but the clubs I’m in are fun,” Shields says. “Or I went on a trip to South Carolina and that’s why I have that one [the palm tree] because that was a really fun trip. And I like art too.”

UW student Nicole Shields’ laptop Emily Hamer


Uw Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows 10

For Chelle Yang, a senior majoring in communication arts, her stickers represent different things she likes, such as music and movies.

“I just like collecting stickers from when I buy different clothes or other things,” Yang says.

Molly Snow, UW freshman majoring in environmental engineering says she also picked her stickers based on her personality.

“I picked a lot of girl empowerment ones and earth because I’m an environmental engineer,” Snow says. “And ‘hold on I see a dog’ because I love dogs.”

Freshman Molly Snow’s laptop Emily Hamer

UW Laptops & Desktops Driver Download For Windows

Are you proud of your laptop stickers? Send us a picture at [email protected]