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Zephyr Driver

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Welcome to the Zephyr Project’s documentationfor the master tree under development (version 2.5.99).

Use the version selection menu on the left to viewdocumentation for a specific version of Zephyr.

Zephyr hi-torque driver bits. The hi-torque recess was designed to provide very high installation and removal torques and to reduce the need for end-load of the driver. Displaying products 1 - 10 of 10 results.

For information about the changes and additions for releases, pleaseconsult the published Release Notes documentation.

Zephyr Express Delivery Driver

The Zephyr OS is provided under the Apache 2.0 license (as found inthe LICENSE file in the project’s GitHub repo). The Zephyr OS alsoimports or reuses packages, scripts, and other files that use otherlicensing, as described in Licensing of Zephyr Project components.

Asus zephyr drivers

Zephyr Driver

  • Introduction

    Introducing the Zephyr Project: overview, architecture, features, and licensing

  • Getting Started Guide

    Follow this guide to set up a Zephyr development environment on your system, and then build and run a sample application.

  • Contribution Guidelines

    As an open-source project, we welcome and encourage the community to submit patches directly to the project.

  • Samples and Demos

    A list of samples and demos that can run on a variety of boards supported by Zephyr

  • API Reference

    API Documentation, Zephyr configuration, and subsystem Reference

  • Security

    Requirements, processes, and developer guidelines for ensuring security is addressed within the Zephyr project.

  • Supported Boards

    List of supported boards and platforms.

  • User and Developer Guides

    User and Developer Guides, including tools and tips